We are looking for fresh voices talking about all the different experiences and stories of being a Sri Lankan being: the good, the bad and the weirdly wonderful. Creative writing on any theme and subject matter* is welcome.


Accepted Genres: 

  • Creative writing: short stories, poetry and flash fiction 

  • Creative nonfiction: personal essays

  • Writing that Doesn’t Fit in a Box: hybrids, lists, dialogues, skits etc. go crazy 


  • We do not accept previously published material  

  • *Submissions containing erotica, glorification of abuse or sexual assault, bigotry (racism, sexism, ableism, classism) and defamation will automatically not be considered.


No word limit for individual poems but keep it less than 3 pages. You can submit up to three poems at a time.


Flash Fiction:

Less than 500 words, title must be included. Can send up to 3 at once. 


Short Stories:

Less than 1750 words, title must be included. Can send up to 2 at once. 


Creative NonFiction:

Less than 1750 words, title must be included. Can send up to 2 at once. 


Mixed Bag (Writing that Doesn’t Fit in a Box):

Less than 1750 words, title must be included with a brief description of the piece. 


  • You may make upto 3 submissions at a time. 

  • Submissions should be sent to kopicollective@gmail.com with a subject line stating your last name, the genre of your piece, and the word “Submission” (ex:  Perera, Flash Fiction, Submission). 

  • State the title, nature of the piece and word count in the main body of the email. 

  • Format: MS Word Document or Google Doc

  • We do not require a bio or your details with your submission. If you wish to be published anonymously you may state your preference in the email, or decide later. 



  • The selected pieces will be edited/ proofread by our team. Major edits will be discussed and collaborated on with the writer, minor edits (punctuation, small matters of word choice, etc) may be made without consultation. 

  • We are not-for-profit therefore we cannot pay for contributions, but you get to have your work edited and published for free.