• Vandana Hiranand

Women Revolt

you and I are women, we are

trudging through this day to day existence

with honey on our tongues and

fire behind our wrists, clutched tight

out of sight, hidden. you and I are

women, we are painted faces on

pained expressions, smiling through

our teeth, clinging onto ambition, it

seeps through the veins our mothers

built with iron, to teach us protection -

oh, we are tired, tired,

tired, we are crying

to be human.

today, I choose,

for you and I, to lay down

the burden of every expectation.

today, I will don mismatched

clothes and drive a fast

car on the highway, you will

take a walk through the woods,

she will sip whiskey with her friends,

we will stroll along the shore and

build castles in the sand. I will sit still, read

my way through a loud hurricane, and

though the world may come knocking,

we may shut it out again. it's time

to find our way back to ourselves,

the world has taken all it can, here's

a few hours of peace, solace.

here's a room I built,

for you and I,

we call it a

safe space.


This poem was originally published in the 'Curated by KOPI Collective' segment of the Young Feminist Network's January Newsletter run by Everystory Sri Lanka. The theme was 'Self Care.'