• Marisa de Silva

What is that familiar sound?

TW: Violence, Conflict

(Written following the Easter Sunday Attacks.)

Is it the deafening sound of an exploding bomb?

Is it the haunting sound of children screaming?

Is it the piercing sound of ambulance sirens?

Is it the heart-wrenching sound of families wailing?

Or is it the sound of stones shattering through a shop window?

Or the blood-curdling sound of a mob chanting in unison?

Or the sound of a match striking as it lights up a blazing torch?

Or the sound of a hundred cameras clicking incessantly?

Maybe it’s the ear-splitting sound of missiles dropping all around?

Or the menacing sound of Kfirs flying just overhead?

Or maybe the sound of bare feet running into bunkers for refuge?

Or the sound of a mother beating her breast in agony over her disappeared child?

But, wait. The sound is getting louder.

It’s getting clearer.

Why does it sound so familiar?

Ah….of course I know this sound.

I know it all too well.

It’s the familiar crack of our collective hearts breaking.


Artwork by Shanellie White.