• Aravinthan Ganeshan

The Sake of Solidarity

Last night while the sun had set,

I whispered softly to myself,

these days will come and go,

I kept telling my sleepless self,

but there are memories

which come and never leave again.

Life repeats itself,

first as tragedy, then as farce.

A myriad of tears we shed

and still no end in sight.

And so, in the end,

i keep telling myself,

with every further thought,

love yourself as much

as you love your people.

Out of sheer solidarity with yourself.

So one day followed another,

one misery followed another,

one innocent victim upon another.

One life upon another.

One death upon another.

One broken heart upon another.

As many hands as are needed,

one cannot reach out to all alone.

Such unnecessary torment,

One does to oneself again and again.

Impelled by the utter belief

that only tomorrow will be better.

I have lied to myself again and again,

tomorrow will be different from yesterday.

In the hope of not failing myself,

as dignity has failed a long time ago.

Step by step the soul withers.

I can watch myself dwindle,

as if the sun is finally setting.

The days may come and go,

the withering of one' s soul,

the suffering and the agony won't.

Can I still love myself at all,

or can I just leave tomorrow?

Hopes have been stripped away from me,

resignation was given to me in return.

Because I chose solidarity.

For those I love as much

as I could have never loved myself.

Almost everything was taken from me,

but I took my own life.

Out of sheer solidarity with myself.