• Amayaa Wijesinghe


more than the sum of its parts

thought about that trippy little phrase today

as i realized i still remember how i felt

that day

before I decided to take a walk through

that bank of daisies

last spring, away from home

when things got a little overwhelming

and the sight of hundreds of littleyellowheads bobbing at a weak spring sun

somehow made things better

hot showers, mini bottles of cold white wine ‘cause

the sevenfiftymils would just become vinegar in the ‘fridge

a little running, a lot of running, a quick endorphin high

coachbennet elizabethbennet whichever one worked for the moment

nprtinydesks and playlists on loop, an attempt to capture

a moment a love a dream a laugh

a hundred tasty videos bookmarked on the ‘tube

- some a reality, saved on the ‘gram

tea coffee tea coffee tea

and repeat

all those virtual howareyous

blurry faces on immortalized zoom screens in my may twentytwenty gallery

walking it out in downdog while yogawithadriene asks me to

see feelingly

bringing the kids home, watching them grow, pale buds becoming a richer green

with water and sunlight and love

and realizing these were moments that became

for me for us for calm for rest

more than the sum of their parts


This poem was originally published in the 'Curated by KOPI Collective' segment of the Young Feminist Network's January Newsletter run by Everystory Sri Lanka. The theme was 'Self Care.'