• Hashen Ratnayake


down in this cesspool of sin we've created

our mother burns, entombed in her own ashes,


her heart still beats.

father sky weeps his beloved

(his child; we, the ungrateful,

we laugh)

we, the bastard child that dared flex our might

'castrate our makers!'

'we new breed of cruel masters!'

all in the name of a bloody revolution

the accursed slogan; 'innovation'.

is that why sibling sea was poisoned?

as our claws raked their many faces

we drew the cells and plasma and platelets

'pick their scabs!'

'we hold nothing sacred!'

and build our shrines high into the heavens

(to glorify this consensual act of corporate rape

while we gladly lick our offerings off putrid wounds)

oh mother, what have we done?

oh father, why forgive us our sins?

oh sibling, your silence erupts righteous rage!

now we

(we, the bastard child)

we share a meal among the carcasses of kin.