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Been plenty of occasions

I have pondered dreadfully deep,

On what it would feel like,

To mourn over one's own death.

A chance to witness my own demise,

Heed to colloquy of value or insult,

Simultaneously lie among wooden planks,

While standing amongst the wailing crowd.

Witness the palaver I never wanted,

The worthless rituals and concern,

Laugh at their fake solicitous conduct

Who looked away when I lived in pain.

Oh chaos! Why make such a show?

Simple subsistence, I admired all along.

Without my consent, a needless display,

synthetic tears, wipe you may.

I desired to blend with the Earth.

Grim Reaper's here, I'm put in the flames,

Last wishes shattered, yet unfazed

Quit faking sorrow, laugh,

Let out rapture. Bona fide!


The story behind the poem

"I am someone who prefers to think rather than talk, which is why I always choose poetry if I ever want to express myself. Poetry has always been the escape for me. This poem was inspired by a mixture of feelings I had from each time I went through a difficult phase in life, revealing something new about everyone surrounding me. Various experiences I had in life made me come to the realization that, what us humans really feel and what we show to the world are polar opposites most of the time."