• Viren Parakrama

Listen to the Ocean

Listen to the ocean, timeless and eternal.

It speaks an ancient tongue,

Coded with a message for me, as I dance here

In the shallows of the beach water.

You will die one day, puny ape.

But I,

I will keep on rumbling as I have before you

And will continue to do so after you.

You are nothing but a speck on the radar, brought here to bask in my glory.

Gifted with consciousness, so as to appreciate the fact,

That I may just smash you on to that cliff face

Like a rag doll.

Listen to the ocean, timeless and eternal.

Sitting at the edge of the world beyond this world.

Serenading the piano keys of Debussy to the rolling tide,

A sequence of Claude Fibonacci.

Sit and watch as the light dances

On the surface of the shallow waters in the Rocky shadow.

A meadow of lush green seaweed,

Beneath the surface of the clear rippling tide.

Swim in my ocean and let me show you what life is.

Let me teach you what thrill is.

The thrill to be found in a fight against the current,

In an onslaught of the rushing torrent.