• Erandi

Lessons in love

Amma always said “I love you”

before she went to sleep

but she never really talked to me about love.

I only learned, through faults of my own,

that it’s something we’re seldom taught of.

Amma cooked, cleaned,

did everything in-between

and always made me a cup of coffee when I woke up.

When I was sad, her tears were guaranteed.

She would stroke my hair and say “it’s okay, putha”

although she was also choking up.

My best days brought on her biggest smiles.

And while I told her stories that were carefully compiled

to avoid receiving a lecture in return, she learned

that I would earn her trust, then break it down.

I would make mistakes, induce headaches,

and possibly some mental breakdowns.

But Amma still said “I love you”

before she went to sleep.

She cooked, cleaned,

and did everything in-between

no matter how many times I messed up.

So, when heartbreak finally came my way

I was nothing short of lost.

I wept, screamed

and did everything in-between

till realization struck.

From the love I got, I learned to give

But I never really learned how to stop.