• @moonstone.poetry

In her silence

young indie girl with pastel flowers in her hair,

marker on her shoes, a couple cryptic tattoos

nail polish flaking off, her hair dye has faded off.

she's a mix of classic colours, strawberry flavoured trouble.

she speaks almost in poetry, in lyrics of those songs

from a band I've never heard, a song I've never learned.

she speaks like she's in therapy, or in a new-age movie scene,

vintage cars and neon lights, red lipstick and bar fights,

but she catches the wind like a kiss on her face

with her head out the window of a car that's not her taste.

she comes alive in street lights and empty highway roads

where the lyrics of her songs seem to sing her home.

she's trying to fall in love with herself

without the liquor stains and forgotten nights that everyone knew so well.

she's trying to fall in love again

without the cheap tricks or smoky lips or a bottle of gin

so when the lights turn out and the voices grow quiet,

she embraces herself and finds peace in her silence.