• Gillian Nair

Imperfect Words

Imperfect Words, written by Gillian Nair, is a collection of prose, jabs of poetry and imperfect attempts of preserving some wine-induced memories. They’re stories of love, lust and everything in between. These are some excerpts from the collection....


Growing up

I watched my parents fall in and out of love

in the most toxic way possible

growing up,

each time they fell out,

fists, words and vases were thrown around

and I taught myself how to


in and out

slowly as my eyes burnt with tears

and sleepless nights were punctuated with screams and cuss words.

each time they fell in,

flowers, dinners and routine decorated our home.

this is what love looked like

this was not what I wanted mine to look like.


I’ve left pieces of my heart

in every airport I’ve been to.

every toilet crammed with

hand luggages and mixed perfumes

every duty free with aisles of flashing red signs

buzzing with spirits and

chattering with chocolates

I’ve left my words

on the side of every frosted window

as I watched planes land

and take off

while the sun played hopscotch

against the sky

and the clouds danced in unison

colours strewn all around

like a kid painting the walls of the kitchen

my fingers doing the very same

on a piece of paper I’ve very artistically scribbled over.

Find me scattered and flung across mopped floors and boarding gates

delayed flights and last-minute calls.

Find me.

Bring me home.

Wherever that is.


Gillian Nair is the author of Imperfect Words, her first book published in 2021. She was born in Sri Lanka but spent most of her life in Bahrain and Dubai, where she discovered and nurtured a knack for penning her thoughts through her words. She spends much of her time travelling, writing (sometimes both, for her travel blog Imperfect Traveller), and drinking wine. The latter accounting for great company during the writing and editing process of Imperfect Words!