• Nida Admani

I Thought Love Was Supposed to Be a Rush

I thought love was supposed to be a rush.

The high of a Friday night,

Hearts beating fast.

Cars rushing past.

A steak dinner for two, at a restaurant in the sky.

I thought love was stolen glances.

Getting caught looking, warm blushes,

Texts at 4am under the blanket in the dark,

Sneaking out for a smoke in the park.

The smell of grass in the cold night sky,

When no one can see its hand on your thigh.

Loud sighs, after everyone is gone.

A secret that only the two of you were in on.

But it turns out, love doesn't make your heart race.

Love slows it down, keeps you calm,

Rubs its thumb on your palm.

Love doesn't shoot you flirtatious grins from across the room,

Love has a puppy dog face,

Pleading eyes you can't say no to.

Love is warm coffee on a cold day in the monsoon,

Love is pizza at the restaurant down the road from you,

The same one we always end up going to.

Love is protection, love is concern,

Love sucks your finger that got burned.

Love puts its hand on your thigh,

Because you're driving too fast.

Love is sharing a look that says, let's leave?

Love is the reason you have new pet peeves.

You can't hide a love like this,

There's a glint in your eye that can't be missed.

Love is the sigh of relief,

When you bury your face in its neck.

When I found love, I realised

It’s supposed to be full of light.

When you want everyone to know, this is how it feels,

When it feels right.