• Noor Gafoor

I Love a Man

I love a man

His breath is clean

His hands are dirty

A chest that’s broad big and burly

With hair that’s short and curly

His smile is sweet

His feet are sturdy

His mind is witty wondrous and wild

Built with a heart that's warm and kind, one would often believe he's still a child.

I love a man

Who's always polite and always battles his ego with all his might.

He fixes children's broken toys with multibond

But the children can't be fooled by such pretending, because they know it's really a magic wand that he's lending.

Pleased and always delighted

They wish the man I love would be knighted

'Servant I Remain'?

Seems to him more like an awful pain,

For he feels his ego might not refrain

From glutinous gobbling

As if the title were candy cane,

Thus growing to a sickeningly enormous size,

Thereby winning the battle

And claiming the prize.

So he snuff out his nafs,

For at the end he knows, he'll just be dust,

And not some mighty God like stuff,

I wish I could be the man I love,

Who knows what's right and says no to every fight,

But I battle my ego with no such might,

My feet aren't sturdy,

And a chest not burly.

I love a man