• Shailendra Ahangama

Flesh Envelopes and the Sea of Life

"Something has to change,

Undeniable dilemma,

Boredom's not a burden

Anyone should bear…”

- Tool, ‘Stinkfist’

Finally, what bound us can bind us no more.

No more would those heralds

Rattle the bones that uphold Adam’s Cargo

With their talk of the coming catastrophe.

All this intuition around us,

Sealed in unique flesh envelopes,

Finalised with their dreams and their hopes.

How much do we walk past them each day?

The torches we’ve been given to bear

Have set flame upon the fabric of connection.

That which was woven among us all

Has made us numb to communication.

Each man a marvellous flesh wrought

Package of ardour and passion,

Has had his fire within extinguished

By the raucous waves of the Sea of Life.

What has led to us becoming ourselves is indelible,

That portion of life lost is irretrievable.

Yet what remains of it is in our hands

To weave that fabric once more.