• Thanuri Charithma

Feisty Birdie

A ping pong ball

Jumping up and down

That is the closest I’ve come

To relating my mind’s sound

Never content to be stale, in one place.

Never tame, never placate.

Is it still a wonder then, that such a feisty bird,

Being exposed to dozens of tempting flight paths

Would not be limited to one single track

But chase down all of them,

All at once?

It was a whirligig of sea waves inside one small space -

Constantly pulling the petals this way and that

“What would I miss if I choose one path over another?”

And yet at last two distinct lanes opened up so clear

Both equally tempting as nectar from lavender.

One day the sea tides ebbed clearer, calmer by the day,

And she decided;

She would tail both lanes.

And what a marvelous idea it seemed!

She told mama birdie, feverish and in a frenzy,

But to what end?

Only to have her wings clipped back

And told

“You’re my sweet girlie. Girls are not explorers.

Stick to one path and life won’t be hard”

How many more ambitious little birdies

Would have been thwarted and hampered?

Just one moment,

Yet a lifetime – of lost dreams.