• Shakeela Ahamat


My childhood has always been filled with colour,

Which is why I've never had a favourite one;

But as I grow older and look at my life,

I realise how each colour is a small part of me. Of you. Of us.

Pink, like the pretty frills on

The dress of my Barbie doll;

Like the colour of your lips

After you've tasted me.

Blue, like the vast endless sky

I observed on my way to school every day;

Like the outline in your dark brown eyes

When you gaze at me.

Red, like the fresh roses my father gave

My mother for being his Valentine for twenty years;

Like the blush on our cheeks

Knowing we've loved each other for almost two.

Yellow, like a usual hot summer day,

riding my bicycle to feel the wind in my face and drinking ice cold lemonade;

like my sunflower, warm and bright, and your smile, gentle and soft,

with you I know all is right in the world

purple, like the Almarai mixed berry drink,

slightly addictive and faintly exotic,

like your personality, a little red, a little blue,

dangerously addictive and unusually calm

Orange, like the mandarin my nene

Used to peel in the evening on her front porch;

Like the sunset on your birthday,

Walking along the beach, hand in hand.

Green, like the green grams Thuhina’s mom made,

An entire lunch box just for me;

Like where we met,

Fell in love, හරිත නගරය.

Brown, like the camels on the desert

We saw on the highway

Like the smell of your perfume,

Musky, earthy, homely.

Black, like my eyes,

a hint of grief and complete silence,

like your hair,

running my fingers through it

White, like Casper, the spoilt cat

I loved with all my heart;

Like my wedding dress one day,

Marrying you, the one I love.