• Hashen Ratnayake

A Smoke at Sunset

I chased a burning candle across a velvet sky

as it passed from tip-to-tip

on an endless steel fist;

the cold fingers bowed as if leaning in to touch,

the gentle moving pace

with beats to match my own.

my head was hazy

but my skin knew all the same

of much older days

carefree and filled with wonder

where the leaves once danced and sang

as the sky was moved to tears;

and I remember feeling just the same

the night I met your eyes

(where the words stuck in my throat

paving lanes of silent cries);

you had caught the moon in those eyes

and I could have sworn were I a younger man

it would be the only world I ever knew.

but as the smoky trail simmered

and the familiar crunch reached my ears,

I knew it was time to turn back.

back to that familiar blue

(the one I was now so accustomed to)

where a memory was just that;

just a memory of you.