About Us

KOPI Collective is an online literary magazine for a new generation of emerging Sri Lankan writers. We are looking for fresh voices talking about all the different experiences and stories of living in and being Sri Lankan: the good, the bad, the absurd and the weirdly wonderful.

We believe in the power of storytelling and changing minds through words. Our vision is to create a platform where the new generation of Sri Lankan writers and lovers of literature can exchange their diverse experiences and ways of seeing the world and writing that pushes the boundaries of creative writing. We want writing that engages with what it means to be a Sri Lankan, the joys and challenges of finding a place in and navigating this society and exciting visions for a new reality. We don't want to shy away from the difficult questions and the harsh realities, we want to delve deeper into them through writing and start a conversation about things that need to change. 


Who are "we" you may ask. We are a group of writers and literary enthusiasts, some of whom are students and some who are just stepping into the adult world of responsibility, careers and a whole lot of change. We started this magazine because we wanted to create a virtual space for the people like us who want to tell their own stories.